Sales Price

Academic Discount Version
(Stand‐alone program with *support programs)
JPY 400,000

*The support programs are available free of charge which provide basic functions for mesh-generation for input data and animation from output data of FLIP program.

Annual support service** is available for free of charge in the first year of purchase!

**The annual support service is from April 1 through March 31 of the every year. If you want to continue to receive the service after the first year, it will cost 200,000 (JPY) per year as the support service fee.

About Academic Discount Version

Academic discount version is available for purchase by the customers in educational and public research institutions and used only for research and education (use for commercial purpose is not allowed).

Specification and System Environment

OS : Windows® 7 or later
CPU : Intel Core i Processors 2nd Generation (Sandy Bridge) or later
Functional modes: 64bit operating system

Sale starts in Fall 2018!

Sale starts at Fall 2018 of Academic discount version of FLIP ROSE ver.7 series.
Details will be announced at FLIP Consortium website about the application for sale.

For inquiries on Academic discount version, please get in touch with FLIP Consortium customer service.

Features of

Functions and features of FLIP ROSE ver.7 series and examples of application


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