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FLIP ROSE® Program

FLIP ROSE® program computes residual displacements of soil-structure systems induced by earthquakes and associated stress and strain in structural members. The FLIP programs include two dimensional effective stress analysis that allows redistribution and dissipation of excess pore water pressures based on the constitutive model called cocktail glass model, three dimensional effective stress analysis with various structural elements, two dimensionallarge deformation/finite strain effective stress analysis, and a program applicable to analysis of clayey materials.


New release/

New Release

June, 2018

FLIP ROSE ver.7.4.1, upgraded version including bug fixes, has been released.
FLIP TULIP ver.6.4.3, upgraded version including bug fixes, has been released.

July, 2017

FLIP ROSE ver.7.2.3_7 has been released as a bug fix release for FLIP ROSE ver.7.2.3_6.

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Line-up of FLIP Programs(Latest Program List)
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